I love, love, love, LOVE local currency stories! We actually had local currencies here in England not as long ago as we may think and the experiments with Transition Towns on with local currencies sparks such excitement in me, I'm not even sure why LOL.

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I agree. Imagination is the key to change, and we need to have the courage to dream big. Everything is impossible until it's done is what I live by. A couple of years ago I collaborated on a small project we called "The Museum of the Impossible". It was a list of things that happened that were considered to be impossible before. Yet, they all became true. Among them are women's voting rights, 40 hour work weeks, paid vacation and gay marriage. The list is a lot longer than that though.

So I want to add a big dream to the list. I am a strong proponent of local currencies and yet, the tendency by most in the community to insist it needs to be kept small is also one of its defects. Don't get me wrong, local currencies that are kept local are definitely a good idea but the current, debt-based monetary system is causing an incredible amount of damage to both our ecosystem and our social cohesion. We also need to dare to present an alternative to that and that won't happen by keeping things small.

So here is a proposition for an alternative for the current system (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFw61R1e8SU and https://www.researchgate.net/publication/370063555_An_alternative_general-purpose_money_supply_model_for_a_future-proof_sustainable_economy): a monetary system that provides financial security for all, reduces inequality and is inherently stable. I am currently doing a PhD on it and we (http://happonomy.org) are laying the groundwork for a worldwide community of system changers.

Instead of constantly trying to not get crushed by the effects of the current monetary system, we can replace it with something better. Something that helps us to realise the plans for a better world instead of something that constantly creates new roadblocks. With the current system we will always be faced with profit maximisation, short term thinking (cutting down a forest brings in more profit than cultivating it), financial stress (the current system gives no one financial security, even the billionaires suffer from it although they objectively have more than enough) and greed which leads to greenwashing, fraudulent practices, extortion of workers (through low wages and bad working conditions), corruption, ...

Let's be brave and make history!

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Oct 24, 2023Liked by Erin Remblance

maybe we need a Project Drawdown for Degrowth

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